Stone Bridge School has a collaborative model of governance in which the Faculty Council, Charter Council, and Parent Council work together on policy and procedural issues. These important groups work together to make our school a success. Each group has a critical role to play to keep the school functioning well. The Charter Council is the final decision-making body. It consists of representatives from the community, faculty, parents and the school administration. A brief description of each council and the administration is described below. Please refer to the Parent Handbook for more in-depth information about the the SBS Councils.

Charter Council

Stone Bridge School is a California 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. The Charter Council serves as the board of directors of the corporation and is responsible for ensuring that the school’s practices and policies are fully legal, fiscally sound and consistent with the charter of the school. It gives final approval to all personnel, budget, and appropriate policy decisions. The Charter Council also reviews Stone Bridge School programs and practices to determine their effectiveness in supporting student outcomes and success as described in the charter. The Charter Council is made up of seven members. There are two community members, two Stone Bridge School faculty members, two parents of Stone Bridge School students (one elected at large and the other a representative of the Parent Council), and one classified employee of the school. The Stone Bridge School Administrator participates as a non-voting member. Under California corporate law, Charter Council members must always act in the best interests of the whole of the corporation (school) in their decision making and may not represent particular interests.

The Charter Council meets monthly on the second Tuesday of the month at 6:00 PM at the school. All Charter Council meetings are conducted in accordance with the Brown Act and applicable public meeting laws.

Parent Council

Parents at Stone Bridge School are involved in all levels of the school to ensure that their children’s education is as rich as possible. The Parent Council (PC) meets August through June at 6:00pm on the first Tuesday of each month. to conduct its business. Each grade, including Kindergarten, is represented on the PC by class representatives who are nominated and elected by their class parents. The Representatives serve as a voting members of PC.

The PC creates and works through committees to accomplish its goals. Each PC representative serves as the liaison to a committee. Through its communications with the PC liaison and the committee chair, the PC checks with each committee to ensure that the goals are on schedule, and strives to be alert to any assistance the committee might need.

  • Lisa Henry- Chair
  • Laura Jones- Vice Chair
  • Chaim Potter- Secretary
  • Phil Montalbano- Treasurer
  • Adam Stopeck- Faculty Representative

Faculty Council

It is the job of the faculty to ensure that the quality of the school’s programs is at their best by participating in financial, personnel, policy and program decisions. Thus, the faculty inspires the direction of the school.

Faculty members meet weekly, as the Faculty Council, to further support the life of the school. During these weekly meetings they study pedagogical concepts; report on happenings within the school; announce forthcoming events; recognize the needs of the school; provide input as to how those needs can be met; do artistic work or share a meal. The faculty co-chairs along with the Administrator set the agenda for these weekly meetings. They also serve as confidants and support for other faculty members. Along with the Administrator they are available for parental questions or to serve as the voice of the school in case the Administrator is unavailable.

Our faculty consists of 2 kindergarten teachers each with an assistant, class teachers (Grades 1-8), support teachers (Grades 1-3), subject teachers (Spanish, Handwork, Eurythmy, Woodworking, Math, Music (voice, recorder and strings), Games and Movement), Aftercare staff (director and assistants), and a team of teachers and staff who provide remediation and support for academic, behavioral and social needs of our students.

The kindergarten teachers, class teachers and support teachers are all required to hold appropriate California teaching certificates, permits or other documents issued by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing and the entire faculty are encouraged and financially compensated to hold a teaching certificate from a recognized Waldorf Teacher Training College or Institute. Members of the faculty are also expected to seek inspiration through continued education and are strongly supported in their efforts to do so.

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