Karla Bunter – Coordinator

Fiona Shelton – Assistant Coordinator & Aftercare Assistants

Eric Baldwin – Aftercare Assistant

Kelly Fern – Aftercare Assistant

Tasha Wiebusch – Aftercare Assistant

Aftercare Phone Number: 257-7136.

Aftercare Registration Forms:       Aftercare Packet 2017-18


Stone Bridge School Aftercare Program is designed to serve the families of our community who need childcare beyond normal school hours. This includes siblings (at least 4 years old) and children of staff and faculty who may not be attending our school. The program is open 12:35 to 5:30 Mon.-Fri. when school is in session. A fee for service program a 50% discount is offered to students who qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Aftercare provides a fun, safe place to connect and play with friends of all ages. We offer projects and materials to create, learn, and explore with. We give kindergarteners the opportunity to nap during our story and rest time. Older children are provided with a quiet space for homework, quiet games, and relaxing. We encourage physical activity with games and outside play. We have a rotating craft schedule that we’ll be e-mailing out periodically to keep you updated on the Aftercare world. Please encourage your child to bring home all his or her “projects” as they tend to pile up due to our immense productivity and I so hate to have to toss them out!



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