SBS scrip code:

To get the scrip code please email the scrip team at

This is how it works:
1. You buy gift cards to your favorite stores.
2. You shop.
3. Your favorite stores give money to Stone Bridge School.
Look for the Scrip in the office or email the Scrip Team at
Download the BIG ORDER FORM / Download the SCRIP TO GO ORDER FORM

Scrip explained

If you have ever purchased SCRIP, you already have an account with the ShopWithScrip website. Follow the lost username or password links to get it. If this is your first time using SCRIP, you can create an account. Contact us for the enrollment code.

To make the process of re-loading cards, ordering online, and making SCRIP work in our busy lives, we strongly encourage parents to set up PrestoPay. You’ll see the link once you are logged in to your account . Click below for a how-to video about PrestoPay.

What is PrestoPay?


Note: If you ordered physical cards and paid with Presto Pay, you can print out your order and bring it to the office or drop it in the Scrip Dropbox in the parking lot.

Once you get your approval code, forward it to We will approve you right away.

Add ScripWallet to your home screen

And here’s a website that explains it all.

Start Shopping!

Have you seen the to-go drop box in the parking lot? Grab a short form on  your way out, slip it in the slot on your way back.  Great for us drive-by parents.

Last year, SBS families raised over $8,500… …without spending one extra penny!

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