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Sun/Mud Fun A-Thon

About this fundraiser:

Stone Bridge School (SBSPC) is holding their FIRST Annual Fun-A-Thon on January 18th. The Fun-A-Thon is a healthy and fun way to emphasize the importance of physical fitness as well as joining together to raise funds to continue offering a top-notch education, using high quality materials and supplies as we offer a unique and diverse menu of classes.

Stone Bridge School has developed a powerful educational vision that is guided by the core principles of Public Waldorf education and embraces the developmental model of the unfolding child. This education, built on a strong academic foundation which incorporates the arts, also brings forth creative imagination, critical thinking, self-confidence, and a sense of delight, wonder and respect for nature and humanity.

Since 2000, Stone Bridge School has provided an innovative public-school alternative for Kindergarten through Eighth Grade and strives to continue to do so here in Napa, CA and beyond.
Join the excitement and support this year’s Stone Bridge School Fun-A-Thon!

Thank you for your support! We truly appreciate it!

Forms For The Sun/Mud Fun A-Thon:

Mud / Sun Fun -A- Thon Pizza Order Form_2018

Mud/Sun FUN-A-Thon Pledge Form


Community Giving Program 

Historically, the Community Giving Program has contributed $120,000 to $150,000+ to our school’s budget.   These donations have enabled us to provide a full, rich education for your child; programs such as music, art, movement, and world language. These offerings would not have been possible on the charter school funding from the State alone.

Stone Bridge School does not charge fees for enrollment and this program is not a fee for participation program. Our Community Giving Program has always been, and remains a voluntary donation. Our 2017-18 Community Giving goal is $150,000. Participation in the Community Giving Program is not mandatory and your child’s enrollment will NOT be affected by our (my) participation in this program.

Community giving, however small, shows a united commitment when seeking grants. It lets benefactors know that we all stand behind a public Waldorf education. One dollar could yield one thousand!

Community Giving Form 2017-18


Contact for more information.

In addition to the School’s Community Giving Program, Stone Bridge School Parent Council runs a variety of fundraising programs throughout the year to support Stone Bridge School.


The Grant Committee researches grant funding, matching available opportunities with the needs of our teachers, students, and the entire Stone Bridge community.  The Committee assists with and oversees applications that are submitted in coordination with school administration.

If you know of possible grants, are interested in grant writing and submittal, or are in need of grant funds, please contact




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