We are a public school, why do we have to do fundraising?

As an independent California charter school authorized by the Napa Valley Unified School District, Stone Bridge School receives funding directly from the State of California through property taxes and other state revenue on a per-student basis according to grade level and actual daily attendance(ADA).  On average, California charter students receive only ~ 85% of what their district school peers are funded.

It is a fact of life for Stone Bridge School, which offers a tuition-free Waldorf-inspired education, that the state funding we receive does not cover the cost of the deeply relevant, comprehensive program that enriches not only our children’s lives, but also the lives of all of our families. California per-student funding currently ranks in the bottom five states nationwide and is insufficient to fully support the cost of our public Waldorf-inspired program.  As a result we need to annually supplement the State funding we receive in order to balance our operating budget.  We bridge this financial gap through our voluntary Community Giving Program  and with the help of the Stone Bridge School Parent Council through Fundraising Events, Grants, Scrip and other Fundraising programs.


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